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Card Data Encryption & Tokenisation

Leading Technology for Payment Security

Card Data Encryption & Tokenisation

Comprehensive Encryption & Tokenisation

By combining point-to-point encryption and data tokenisation, our solutions address the root cause of data theft by removing cardholder data from the retail environment.

Proven Solutions

Our encryption solutions are deployed worldwide, giving our customers the long-term security vision demanded by today’s dynamic payments environment. In the UK, we build encryption and tokenisation into our managed service platforms, ensuring retailer peace of mind.


Experts agree that solutions like our Tamper-Resistant Security Module-based (TRSM) encryption require minimal infrastructure changes.

Encryption & Tokenisation


Based on AES:Customers’ account data is encrypted at the point of interaction based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Multiple Devices:Available in most Verifone POS and mobile payment devices, including PIN pads, countertop, multimedia and PAYware Mobile Enterprise.
Multiple Types:Secure data regardless of the payment type.
Asymmetric:Asymmetric encryption (PKI) perfectly suited for remote deployment to large numbers of existing terminals.


Trusted Partner:Encrypted data remains secure all the way to the processor, where it is decrypted and sent to the issuer for approval.
Single Infrastructure:Provides POS infrastructure flexibility for both merchants and processors.


Substitution of PAN:True random number data tokenisation. No algorithm is required to reverse engineer your credit card tokenisation solution.
Data:1:1 tokenisation mapping for merchants means the same card always returns the same token for chargebacks and to enable analytics.
Format:Our payment tokenisation preserves the original transaction format for seamless integration with existing systems.

Monitoring & Compliance

Monitoring:Monitor the encryption status of every transaction, on every device, in real-time.
Alerts:Immediate notification of changes to your POS status, location or compliance level.
Merchant Retention:Improve relationships with merchants thanks to instant notification of changes to POS status.